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Pet products for horses, dogs, cats, ferrets rabbits and more! Located in the heart of horse country - Lawrenceburg, KY. Third generation owned and operated to maintain our standard of excellence. Successfully serving the Pet Industry since 1965.

Uni/Source Private Label Division 
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400 Lincoln Street
Lawrenceburg, KY  40342

The mission of Uni/Source is simple...
To be the one source for all your product development, manufacturing, packaging and graphic design for your private label needs.

Our staff of seasoned and dedicated professionals are eager to ensure that your private label package meets all of your expectations.

Pet Products Available for Private Label
Over 50 years of satisfied customers!
Custom formulations are available upon request

All shampoos are biodegradable.  They are also soap and detergent free.

EEM/OATMEAL SHAMPOO - Our Neem/Oatmeal Shampoo formula relieves the itching associated with flea and tick infestation.  Neem/Oatmeal Shampoo is for use on dogs, cats who are at least 12 weeks old.

NATURAL PRODUCTS - Citrus based alternative to pesticides. Mild, yet effective. Leaves pets with a clean fresh citrus scent.
  • Citrus Organic Shampoo for dogs
  • Citrus Organic Spray for dogs 
  • Citrus Organic Dip for dogs 
  • Cedar
  • Neem
  • Wintergreen
  • Eucalyptus
  • Citronella
  • Clove

Specialty Shampoo Products Grooming Maintenance - Formulated with High quality ingredients to ensure exceptional results.

  • White and Light Coat Shampoo
  • Dark Coat Shampoo
  • Protein Enriched Shampoo with built-in Cream Rinse
  • Odor Control Shampoo
  • High Concentrations Available up to 32 : 1
  • Color - your choice
  • Fragrance - your choice

Cream Rinse Concentrates - Cream rinse concentrate may be formulated with various botanical extracts to enhance conditioning.  Our cream rinses are formulated to leave coats soft and manageable.

Therapeutic Skin Care Products - All therapeutic and botanical skin care products are formulated with high natural ingredients which moisturize the skin and enhance coats.

                                                                                     CONDITIONING CREAMS OR LOTIONS 

Tar/Aloe  Therapeutic Shampoo                                                    Aloe Skin Core Lotion
Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo                                                    Tar/Aloe Therapeutic Spray
Apple/Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo                                       Avocado Skin Care Conditioning Spray
Penny Royal Shampoo                                                                     Avocado Skin Care Cream
Oatmeal/Almond Conditioning Shampoo                                   Anti-Itch Non-Cortisone
Oatmeal Conditioning Spray                                                          Ear Treatment Liquid (natural Eucalyptus)
Hypo-Allergenic Conditioning Shampoo                                    Apple/Oatmeal Conditioning Spray
Australian Eucalyptus Shampoo                                                   Oatmeal Almond Conditioning Spray
Iodine Shampoo w/PVP Iodine Complex                                    Aloe Conditioning Spray
Tea Tree Medicated Shampoo                                                        Emu Oil Conditioning Spray
Green Apple Conditioning Shampoo                                             Bitter Spray

Exotic Animal Products  - Especially formulated for exotic animals will not strip the coats of natural oils. Shampoos, conditioners and colognes.

  • Ferret
  • Hedge Hog
  • Prairie Dog
  • Bovine
  • Goat
  • Rabbit
  • Swine 

Cologne Products with Coat Conditioners - Uni/Source offers a wide variety of scents for its cologne products.  All are fortified with coat conditioners to prevent drying of the coat an skin. From natural botanicals to the latest popular designer fragrances - something to please almost everyone!

Equine Products - Our equine formulations have been tested, approved and are in use in many different environments.  All products are considered for all breeds.  They will not strip the coat and will not penetrate below the skin line.

Citronella Shampoo with Aloe                                                        Citronella Spray
Medicated Shampoo                                                                            Iodine Shampoo

White and Light Coat Shampoo                                                     Gentle Iodine Spray
Dark Coat Shampoo                                                                          Natural Hoof Conditioner
Protein Enriched Shampoo                                                              Sheath Cleaner
2 in 1 Shampoo with Built-In Cream Rinse                                 Cream Rinse
Main and Tail Conditioner                                                              Mane and Tail De-tangler
Sheen Coat Spray (aqueous base formulation)                            Cedar Extract Shampoo
Thrush Type Products

Specialty Cleaning Products - We offer a variety of cleaning formulas. One of the  more popular formulas contains an ingredient called *ORDENONE®.

*ORDENONE® Eliminates Mal-odors Forever. ORDENONE® is a concentrated compound that works on “contact” to entrap mal-odor molecules. This unique product material “surrounds” mal-odor molecules within the ORDENONE® structure.

  • ORDENONE® can be added to a fragrance as part of a deodorizing product.
  • In addition to eliminating everyday odors, ORDENONE® can also be formulated into a product to selectively deodorize undesirable components, such as amine.
  • With ORDENONE® the process of odor elimination occurs immediately upon contact with offensive odor molecules.
  • ORDENONE® must contact the mal-odor to be effective. The method of application and deployment is very important.
  • ORDENONE® has no effect on the normal bacterial processes of the skin. Toxicity tests show that ORDENONE® is safe to use in all products.
  • ORDENONE® is being used successfully by leading manufacturers in a wide variety of fabric refreshers.   




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